Saturday, 28 November 2009 beta is up and running :-)

Hello everyone!

I cannot say I'm an experienced blogger; quite the contrary, I may have written two or three blogposts in my entire internet life :-). I am however, proud to present you with our latest creation called

INTRODUCTION is an online tool that enables you to find the service you need (like webdesign, dogwalking, PC or even a tooth repair) and do something in return for it. - You mean I don't have to pay? - Not unless you and the other party agree that way.

The big idea behind all this is the following - everybody knows how to do something well. You speak a foreign language or two (maybe more), you know how to drive and have a spare seat in the car each morning, you can code in ASP.NET, repair teeth (if you're a dentist, I hope)... At the same time all of us need many of these services every day. Why not simply exchange them?

Most of the time its easier for you to do some simple coding to a web designer in exchange for small design/layout changes that he'll do on your web than to pay 20, 100 or 300$ and ask him to pay you the same amount. This is especially the case with start-ups, where cash is ALWAYS scarce.

In this beta we have included Groups and Organizations. Groups make it possible for users to start and join regional or interest groups, e.g. London, Flushing N.Y., Klagenfurt, Wedding photographers, Buffalo plumbers, Canadian PHP developers, etc. This makes it easy for a person to ask for a favor on the group wall, receive replies from different members and simply chose the one(s) he wishes to do business with. Before choosing they can check each one of their profiles, see how they are rated by other users, how many friends they have and finally, what's their credibility.

Organizations are accounts that can be run by multiple people (administrators) and make it easy for the real organizations like UNICEF, CARE International, UNHCR, etc. to can create campaigns. In those campaigns they can get volunteers and services they need all around the world. For example, UNICEF is implementing a campaign in Africa, vaccinating the children in Uganda against a certain disease. They would need medicine doctors, drivers, nurses, general volunteers, cars, supplies and much more. By creating campaign they can set dates, location and objectives

Tweet-a-favor is one of the services we like the most. You can tweet to your friends what you need and they can either Accept the tweet (do you a favor) or Recommend some of their friends. On your Favorfly profile page you type what you need below your profile pic, you click Tweet it! and all of your friends will get that tweet in their news feed on their homepages. By clicking on the Accept button they are saying "Yes, I can do this for you", or by clicking on the Recommend button they are telling you "This is the person I trust and I know they will to it for you really well".

We have more very interesting features that will be introduced very soon as we are testing them, so stay tuned!

(and the rest of the Favorfly team)